Welcome to Room to Groom

Your Groomer

Louise is a fully trained, experienced pet groomer. She previously worked as the groomer at Pet Planet, Wicker Hill, Trowbridge for four years, then moved to rent a table at Just Paws, Manor Road, for two years and now has her own salon at Trowbridge Garden Centre, Frome Road, Trowbridge.

She is married, with two children, and shares her home with three dogs (a 10 year old Jack Russell x Corgi, a 4 year old Croatian mixed breed and a 2 year old Romanian rescue.)  She also has 3 cats and a tortoise.

Louise has a great love of all animals and aims to provide as enjoyable and stress-free a grooming experience as possible. Louise is also involved in dog rescue and has lots of friendly dogs looking for homes (mainly mixed breeds).

The Service

Dogs are groomed in a calm, professionally equipped salon.

All dogs are welcome, from the young and excitable to the older, less mobile and the more nervous or insecure and will be treated as individuals and with respect. A full grooming service is offered, from nail cutting to a full clip/hand strip. Only the best quality groomers' shampoos are used and they have ranges to suit every skin/coat type.